How to Display an Array of React Components Without Looping

Let's say you have an array of product data that you want to convert to a component and display. Here is an example of what that data could look like.

export default [
    id: "some-random-id-1",
    name: "Can of Beans",
    price: 8.99,
    description: "Beans that will change your life.",
    id: "some-random-id-2",
    name: "Naruto's Ramen",
    price: 28.99,
    description: "Official ramen taken straight from the anime.",

After getting that code into your App component, you use to create an array called productComponents that stores each Product component. After passing the entire array into a div, React somehow displays all the components without needing to loop! Why does this work?

import items from "./products.js";

const Product = (props) => {
  return (

const App = () => {
  const productComponents = => {
    return (
  return <div>{productComponents}</div>;

The answer is simple: JSX automatically converts an array of components into elements.

With vanilla JavaScript, you would need to loop through each element and add it to the HTML document, but JSX is smart enough to display them automatically. Since React is using JSX under the hood, you get that functionality completely for free!

For more information and a few more examples: take a look at the React documentation for displaying lists.