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Short term rental consultant. Automation engineer. Software developer.

I’m Kyrell, a short term rental consultant, automation engineer, and software developer. I help real estate investors create automated systems so they can spend less time working, and have more confidence that everything is working.

A Modern Architecture Home in Lagos, Nigeria with Exposed Wood and Curved Bamboo
Bali-Inspired Curved Wood and Stone House Exterior
Sunset over the snow-covered infinity pool at this modern architecture house designed with exposed wood, glass, and stone
Designed with Exposed Timber, Glass, and Rocks, with a Steaming Hot Jacuzzi and Helicopter Pad
Interior Design that Captures the Beauty of Nature

WTF is a Ternary Statement

TL;DR The ternary (pronounced "turn hairy" if you said it really fast) statement is just an if-else block made with symbols.

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